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March 31, 2008

WebMail Notifier plays well with yahoo beta and live mail

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WebMail Notifier

Setup a dummy account if you don’t want presence to follow you.   Flawlessly tracks dozens of yahoo and  hotmail accounts mixed beta and non.  Plays well with firefox 3b4 portable

evil image results in march week 6

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yes, there are six weeks in march 2008.

islam is evil.. most muslims are good people

exterminate islam exterminate


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intelligent CAPTCHAs overdue – part 1

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First: the blind and vision impaired have no business inflicting their requirements on a technology designed to present information visually. They need to adapt to reality and not visa versa.

Swirly text deciphering does not intelligence test.

What is the resultant color when that of a strawberry and banana are combined? Orange.

That’s a better CAPTCHA.. applied worldly knowledge.

A more entertaining version has no directions, no cue for robots, though easily defeated by OCR, but only if widespread and only if implemented the same way. Apply deformations as desired.

“not email:”

Where all the letters are blue except “not l er x ed o. e .uk.i” Implies only to use the blue information “email:”. More colors could be used leaving email blue.

What is the sum of the third prime number and the fifth? 14


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