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March 18, 2008

three abstract strategy games worth purchasing

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Funagain has the best prices, yes, and the lowest shipping charges.  This is not a review but a bookmark/reference for me.

YINSH winning becomes progressively more challenging.. each capture diminishes that player’s power

download rules doc

expansion optional purchases







GIPF has that delightful capture aspect


.. though it seems its rules could be applied to a pente board at no cost 😉


there are three primary variations of game play .. here’s one:

the Standard version, the starting pieces are GIPF pieces. The thing
that makes a GIPF piece special it that when it is in a row of four, it
is removal is optional! If you do choose to remove your own GIPF piece,
then it returns as two separate pieces. In addition, a player loses if
he has no GIPF pieces left on the board. So now you have two ways to
win… capture all three of your opponent’s GIPF pieces or capture
enough pieces so that your opponent cannot place another piece.





then there’s ZERTZ



^^ potential forced capture 


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