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March 17, 2008

wright out of context? sure, for the sake of argument. NOW post ALL relevant sermons in entirety on

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wright out of context?  sure, for the sake of argument.  NOW post ALL relevant sermons in entirety on It’s free to post, they pay the serving tab, and we can all see the racist context in whatever multisermon context is required.

he’s antiamerican, pro-racism, unchristian.  end of discussion until shown otherwise

privacy rape on speed: google glass

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Sheeple come get your free helpings of soylent google!

They’ll know where you are and what you’re looking at… which is distilled real-time interest.  you think ads are annoying now?  you sheeple are hastening global torture, thanks for that


Expectation of privacy?  what? idiocracy gulash

Join the NSA’s Gestapo Youth

  • real-time mobile face recognition
  • real-time multi-perspective behavioral analsis
  • real-time  signal harvesting and signal analysis
    • sigint
      • comint: because they’re not direct nsa agents there’s no prohibition
      • elint: the comical claims about utah new storage facility function
        • youth hostels  (fisint)
    • humint: what draws youth attention
    • imint: where and what seen
      • keyhole, corona, drones google glass
    • masint: android sensors array
  • bluejacked grid processing expansion  (elint temptations)
    • cryptanalysis
  • gps geoid gis (telint)
  • NIMA stipends (National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
  • sonar- and radar extension modules

Humint + google glass = nsa wet dream

You to can be a google flesh drone AND pay for the privilege of willfully ignorant spycraft




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