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March 12, 2008

playable “encrypted” videos — Steganography for video inside playable container

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It would be entertaining to have an application that would twist a video and its sound into noise in such a way that the file could still be played in any media player, and be “decrypted” with that application.  Steganography for video I suppose.  … Preferably without the loss of transcoding / recoding.

This technology could be further extended to real time transforms of in home wireless video systems like x10, or 2GHz video relay kits.  Keep an eye on your home without anyone else peering in.

Here’s an interesting paper on a similar tangent:

But that doesn’t get us any closer to posting crypted video to the myriad of free video hosting sites :\

This MSU VirtualDub Filter hides other data in video:

I don’t want to hide data in video, I want to render the video unwatchable until decrypted inside its respective container.

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10 Things Christians Should Ignore — its advice should be ignored

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Goodness, that list makes the author seem frightening. Good Christian
men are not called to ignore the world, but not to be of it. Extreme
pursuit of virtue is never a vice.

10: not particularly wise unless you’re not confident in your faith.
They need confrontation if no other reason that they’re intellectually

9: Pray for peace. Do not exclude yourself from that involvement

8: “Give unto Caesar” is likely the source of this well intended but erroneous position.

7: The author needs to revisit the concept of “dignity”. His poor grasp apparently spills over into other articles.

6: I’ll leave debunking the unbiblical rapture to another time. The other issues have been beaten to death already.

5: Dignity again. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and not yours strictly speaking. Maintenance required.

4: His image AND likeness. Reflect on why BOTH are used. Evolution is
very real. However it is inappropriate to introduce the philosophy of
life genesis into the science classroom. If one then the other,
intelligent design, must also be presented. (So there is no confusion
intelligent design has nothing whatsoever to do with creationism, which
is itself not science)

3: You’ve got to be kidding. Take away the preponderance of evidence?

2: um no. Faith, a mode analogous to reason for discerning truth, must inform all judgment

1: “it’s a God thing”.  No, you ought not say such.  Divine mysteries cannot be understood, but one should strive to understand all.  Credo ut intelligam:  I believe in order to understand.  One is expected to love all PEOPLE.  One is expected to hate evil.  Wicked deeds of people are to be hated.   Hate faggotry but love the person.  There is a biblical call to correct your brother’s misdeeds; this flows from love.  Moreover to escalate the intervention to bring your brother back into the body of Christ.  Love seeks to draw others closer to God.  Have ZERO tolerance for wicked ideologies and evil deeds.

If you’re going to write in persona Christi it would help to be well informed.

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