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February 18, 2008 alternatives

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2012 updates: 

I do NOT endorse the downloadable binaries from the ‘new’ site or any other site Applian has hijacked to promote schlock.


AVOID “freecorder”!!  Applian “free”corder is MALWARE (adware).


Instead all Open Source, all currently trustworthy:

combine acquisition:

with sensible cross-platform conversion:

realtime transcoding [dlna] more cross platform joy:

cross-platform playback of almost any format/container (without screwing over DirectShow filters for those still using windows)
indows suggestion:  MPlayer [Mulder] MPUI full package


xbmc on the inexpensive side  ($35)  (xbmc sd image)

XBMC painless streaming of The Blaze [TV]

some/many of the below links are existentially challenged

# end 2012 updates

OLD vixy alternatives: (fastest) — 100 filesize limit, feed it disposable email [defunct now 2011] — now running “vixy clone script”
defunct: — domain hijacked

old/kludge/not-free: real time transcoding [internets streaming] alternatives

edit: I wish I had harnessed my passion for alternatives categorization into a profitable site.  Who knew alternativeto would prosper

I wish I had rolled my “whereamI” domain use into a public service in the 90s; I would be receiving the vast twit*r income

edit2: If you have been coerced into purchasing an unlimited bandwidth data plan for your mobile phone be sure it has not been limited with *needless* throttling or voip destructive nat.  Both are harmful to accessing [home] real-time-transcoding media streaming to mobile phone.

[ ]


  1. Thanks for this list 🙂 This has been an extremely useful resource.
    In my experience so far, mediaconverter is pretty fast as you stated but I’ve found beta mux to be a more reliable service.

    Comment by bartandlife — April 7, 2008 @ 3:53 am

  2. here´s a great review. check it!

    {{NOT recommended — SH }}

    Comment by Vanesa Lanteri — May 19, 2012 @ 3:33 pm

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