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February 12, 2008

deep thought evident in hollywood

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blistering intelligence oozing from their pores we guarantee you’ll find someone…. or you can continue looking

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That’s an awesome guarantee.  You’ll find someone in six months, but when you don’t you can look for another six months

someone at match needs to be smacked

myoelectric text entry (keyboard)

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updated 2011 with newer products

keyglove, and mouseglove are the products to watch. They are of the DIY variety so being existentially challenged is as much your fault as any

timeline, products, and sparking ideas..

fun phrases

Surface electromyography

United States Patent 4964411
Evoked EMG signal processing, Issued on October 23, 1990

A method of separating dispersive and synchronous time varying myoelectric signals

The Finger-Joint Gesture Wearable Keypad (1999)

Survey of virtual keyboards



DSI datotech: mutli-point touchpad

VKB projection


How to operate a PC without using the hands (2005): HaMCoS

Today:  SenseBoard

^ now bankrupt “assets owned by Asplund Data AB

Patent number: 7362305

Alternatively: DataHand keyboard (defunct)

natural keyboard = Klockenberg, 1926?


update: wordpress hosted images for posterity and whatnot, and newer devices

And newer items which might violate existing IP leading to similar demise.  Wish for them in frustration

MouseGlove, built around arduino, this might be your best shot at ACTUALLY obtaining  one!


SudoGlove, a Cornell project, also built atop arduino

NOT designed for text entry, not likely adaptable without overkill effort


MIT Glove Mouse

NOT designed for text entry


The peregrine glove

actually-available, polished product, not designed with typing in mind, but could be adapted



designed for TYPING

reminiscent of a Police song


not wearable, not a full keyboard


keyglove build your own adventure, if your inner purest rebels against arduino, but similarly Open Source. Encouraging the freedom to tinker

designed with typing and game control

pump them full of mature suggestions:


some more wearable gear

2002 standford link collection










DSI datotech keyboard


VKB projection keyboard a must have stocking stuffer


VKEY, smart room accessory? or for the light traveling executive?


senseboard.  I have been irked that repeated attempts to purchase since comdex debut were ignored

SenseBoard Technologies AB P.O. Box 1077 Se-164 25 Kista SE


datahand, excellent for those with fine motor skills or a desire to escape repeated action injury


fun comparison matrix of esoteric data key entry devices


[ ]

dd-wrt 23 sp2 vs tomato 1.15 — screencaps and whatnot

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tomato has more intuitive QoS controls

tomato has shinier bandwidth graphs

  • tomato bandwidth realtime

  • tomato QoS connections distribution

dd-wrt screenshots later

When KAID, VPN, and VoIP are not an issue tomato is the way to go.

I’m days away from donating $20 to dd-wrt to try their ‘special’ QoS edition!

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