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January 25, 2008

Japan Ulta High Def: Super Hi-Vision video format

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you had to know HD was going to be but the first of a myriad of “standards” upgrades.

There’s PLENTY more bandwidth to use. Just think about the TINY fraction of bandwidth of the fibernet FIOS provides to customers. Satellite is nowhere near maxed.

transfer just 18 minutes of video requires some 3.5 terabits of data.”

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task manager disabled? try this

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%windir%\system32\ntsd.exe -hd -c “qd” taskmgr

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Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

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and only thirty two gigs of ram to approach proper functionality!

for ideal performance find a 3x (might have to settle for 2x)  i9 extreme capable motherboard with maxed triple channel DDR3 ram … use a less powerful machine if you delight in masochism

wnidows 7 m1

Vista + more DRM evil inside

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