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December 30, 2007

pity contratheists: contratheism is self destructive

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One whose actions are governed by an irrational hated for theism.  This words and analogs were coined by Himself.

This persona was initially created for catharsis.

Himself pities atheists as atheism like liberalism and moral relativism before it is self refuting.

December 29, 2007

have you ever seen a ?

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now you have.. and seeing is seeing

Imagine the possibilities of remote desktop with 3gigs of space for music.. or something else

FTP uploads to desktop integration.. email.. widgets.. and proxy surfing oh my… office “productivity” and otherly

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December 26, 2007

Red Drive File Transfer Extension – freeware download

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available from

free client that supports FTP/S, SFTP and WebDAV protocols as a Windows Explorer shell extension: maps those services to a drive letter

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December 22, 2007

firefox stop unresponsive script — would be great to autostop after user specified seconds

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For those atrociously designed sites that gobble up my power it’d be nice to autostop unresponsive scripts after 3 seconds. If whatever cannot accomplish whatever else in 3 seconds I don’t want whatever it is anyway.

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iHome for iTards everywhere

clicky clicky




iTard iHome research iPod integrate easy find compare best price word fodder fun gift sound

^^ Filter Google results userscript is awesome… bannish wiki*edia, truth by consensus, with ease

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iHome for iTards everywhere

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iTards can’t be bothered to research a quality audio product: unlike the iPod. Hurry up and iGet it iHome so you can iThink like every iElse.

They foolishly tolerate iWanting to rape music into mp3 😦 FLAC is quality. No FLAC support? No sale.

Use a DRM platform of evil? No sale

Stop the iHate of quality!

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tv writers on strike? yeah so what? the internet is my DVR

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I’ve tried netflix. But forget them. They never gave me “as many movies as I wanted”. I’m not interested in paying for as many movies as netflix deems me worthy to receive. I now get as many movies as I want, with not only no late fees, but no pesky returns, and no annoying processing- or waiting list.

hahahaha I win

My internet DVR is great for TV episodes, too

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December 18, 2007

comparison of portable media players without fruity stigma

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comparison of portable media players without fruity stigma

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December 6, 2007

multi ergo audientes ex discipulis eius dixerunt durus est hic sermo quis potest eum audire

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operamini non cibum qui perit sed qui permanet in vitam aeternam quem Filius hominis vobis dabit hunc enim Pater signavit Deus
dixerunt ergo ad eum quid faciemus ut operemur opera Dei
respondit Iesus et dixit eis hoc est opus Dei ut credatis in eum quem misit ille
dixerunt ergo ei quod ergo tu facis signum ut videamus et credamus tibi quid operaris
patres nostri manna manducaverunt in deserto sicut scriptum est panem de caelo dedit eis manducare
dixit ergo eis Iesus amen amen dico vobis non Moses dedit vobis panem de caelo sed Pater meus dat vobis panem de caelo verum
panis enim Dei est qui descendit de caelo et dat vitam mundo
dixerunt ergo ad eum Domine semper da nobis panem hunc
dixit autem eis Iesus ego sum panis vitae qui veniet ad me non esuriet et qui credit in me non sitiet umquam
sed dixi vobis quia et vidistis me et non creditis
omne quod dat mihi Pater ad me veniet et eum qui venit ad me non eiciam foras
quia descendi de caelo non ut faciam voluntatem meam sed voluntatem eius qui misit me
haec est autem voluntas eius qui misit me Patris ut omne quod dedit mihi non perdam ex eo sed resuscitem illum novissimo die
haec est enim voluntas Patris mei qui misit me ut omnis qui videt Filium et credit in eum habeat vitam aeternam et resuscitabo ego eum in novissimo die
murmurabant ergo Iudaei de illo quia dixisset ego sum panis qui de caelo descendi
et dicebant nonne hic est Iesus filius Ioseph cuius nos novimus patrem et matrem quomodo ergo dicit hic quia de caelo descendi
respondit ergo Iesus et dixit eis nolite murmurare in invicem
nemo potest venire ad me nisi Pater qui misit me traxerit eum et ego resuscitabo eum novissimo die
est scriptum in prophetis et erunt omnes docibiles Dei omnis qui audivit a Patre et didicit venit ad me
non quia Patrem vidit quisquam nisi is qui est a Deo hic vidit Patrem
amen amen dico vobis qui credit in me habet vitam aeternam
ego sum panis vitae
patres vestri manducaverunt in deserto manna et mortui sunt
hic est panis de caelo descendens ut si quis ex ipso manducaverit non moriatur
ego sum panis vivus qui de caelo descendi
si quis manducaverit ex hoc pane vivet in aeternum et panis quem ego dabo caro mea est pro mundi vita
litigabant ergo Iudaei ad invicem dicentes quomodo potest hic nobis carnem suam dare ad manducandum
dixit ergo eis Iesus amen amen dico vobis nisi manducaveritis carnem Filii hominis et biberitis eius sanguinem non habetis vitam in vobis
qui manducat meam carnem et bibit meum sanguinem habet vitam aeternam et ego resuscitabo eum in novissimo die
caro enim mea vere est cibus et sanguis meus vere est potus
qui manducat meam carnem et bibit meum sanguinem in me manet et ego in illo
sicut misit me vivens Pater et ego vivo propter Patrem et qui manducat me et ipse vivet propter me
hic est panis qui de caelo descendit non sicut manducaverunt patres vestri manna et mortui sunt qui manducat hunc panem vivet in aeternum
haec dixit in synagoga docens in Capharnaum
multi ergo audientes ex discipulis eius dixerunt durus est hic sermo quis potest eum audire
sciens autem Iesus apud semet ipsum quia murmurarent de hoc discipuli eius dixit eis hoc vos scandalizat
si ergo videritis Filium hominis ascendentem ubi erat prius
spiritus est qui vivificat caro non prodest quicquam verba quae ego locutus sum vobis spiritus et vita sunt
sed sunt quidam ex vobis qui non credunt sciebat enim ab initio Iesus qui essent credentes et quis traditurus esset eum
et dicebat propterea dixi vobis quia nemo potest venire ad me nisi fuerit ei datum a Patre meo
ex hoc multi discipulorum eius abierunt retro et iam non cum illo ambulabant
dixit ergo Iesus ad duodecim numquid et vos vultis abire
respondit ergo ei Simon Petrus Domine ad quem ibimus verba vitae aeternae habes

December 4, 2007

happy chanuka bullshit – say Merry Christmas too

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Why are there so many spineless companies who happily plaster Happy Chanuka on everything, but refrain from uttering Merry Christmas?? and instead gurgle Happy Holidays!?!

December 1, 2007

pirate the golden compass

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its the way to see it without supporting it… and since the ideology of the movie is that I am the sole arbiter of truth.. pirating the movie is not wrong for me

isn’t moral relativism fun?

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download the golden compass

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its the way to see it without supporting it… and since the ideology of the movie is that I am the sole arbiter of truth.. pirating the movie is not wrong for me. isn’t moral relativism fun?

bank of america allow you to print cash from you laptop

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obviously.. because you can do ALL your banking from your computer! No standing in lines, and no opportunity to hold others’ customer service hostage to make them give you what they owe you.

Now it’s even easier for your bank to ignore you!

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