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October 25, 2007

easily download music videos from yahoo or music videos aol in DVD or Hi-Def quality

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There are two public engines using Fenry’s code

Search for a video

search videobot for music video to pilfer

click on the little TV or the music video title to spawn a new popup with handy buttons to capture MMS URL. Notice the bandwidth options

copy yahoo music video MMS URL to clipboard

then feed MMS URL to NetTransfer (or VLC or whatever)

click the purple Y to go native (optional)

click the purple yahoo y

click video quality to turn up bandwidth (optional)

HD DVD video

hit CTRL+Shift+B to tinker with AdBlocking (optional)

control shift B to block

PaylowMusic is covered with ads…. AdBlock Plus with Easy list picks off most of them. Element Hiding Helper and Remove It Permanently gets the rest of them. NoScript makes capturing the MMS URL much easier

search for something

search for music video to download from yahoo

click a result and in the popup right click on the NoScript placeholder and copy link to clipboard

copy mms url

(hover to see URL)

right click to copy…. then paste into NetTransfer or similar

feed DVD mms URL to NetTransfer

feed to NT



changing the NAM 1 MDN on the motorola e815 is frightful..

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.. but the good news is the lock code is automatically set to the last four digits of the MDN.  phew.

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