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September 14, 2007

acquiring any video-in-browser content is often as simple at CTRL+Shift+B in firefox

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God bless “the developers” for finally allowing AdBlock Plus to interact with the stream in the same way as the browser (yes, a while ago). AdBlockPlus has become a wonderful tool for acquisition. It works delightfully well in tandem with Net Transfer 😉 Recommended for other purposes is the add-on’s add-on: Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper (unlike other nefarious people’s extensions in whose source I’m inaccurately described Wladimir‘s XPI’s don’t need to be hacked). Yes, Contol-Shift-B is great for saving music, too.

@ you myspace-types: no hand holding directions will be provided to download any myspace video or download any episode from myspace TV ….

[this space reserved for future gloating]

Yeah yeah “rules 1 & 2” et al. Your “rules” don’t apply to my kind. I couldn’t contain myself any longer…. I had to share to escape the suffering




  1. […] with about:config as much as the next tweaker, but how many people were annoyed by beta 3 4 Control-Shift-B? The latest minor update changes that to Control-Shift-V. So I’ll get to create a bunch of […]

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