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September 14, 2007

“Holy Shit!” — found in yahoo music player-init.js

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yahoo developers and their PROFANE language...  almost as bad as Chris O

*tsk* *tsk*

family friendly? you decide

file preserved

snagging yahoo music videos and control-shift-B

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notes to self:

see my fun control-shift-b method for acquiring videos

today’s words are: stream, ticket, pl_auth

open in new tab, and combine with FLVVideo


rtmp snagging utility with playlist

thanks for playing yahoo.

(or just cheat and use Replay Media Catcher)

blocking with this string is causing too many playlists to hang 😦


I’ll get you wretches yet!!!

acquiring any video-in-browser content is often as simple at CTRL+Shift+B in firefox

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God bless “the developers” for finally allowing AdBlock Plus to interact with the stream in the same way as the browser (yes, a while ago). AdBlockPlus has become a wonderful tool for acquisition. It works delightfully well in tandem with Net Transfer 😉 Recommended for other purposes is the add-on’s add-on: Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper (unlike other nefarious people’s extensions in whose source I’m inaccurately described Wladimir‘s XPI’s don’t need to be hacked). Yes, Contol-Shift-B is great for saving music, too.

@ you myspace-types: no hand holding directions will be provided to download any myspace video or download any episode from myspace TV ….

[this space reserved for future gloating]

Yeah yeah “rules 1 & 2” et al. Your “rules” don’t apply to my kind. I couldn’t contain myself any longer…. I had to share to escape the suffering


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