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September 12, 2007

hunt for the ideal SATA/EIDE to USB2 gizmo (not an enclosure)

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I already own a Vantec CB-ISATAU2 … but it appears to be a first or second generation edition of this three type device to USB idea. It’s working fine with my Seagate 320 SATA. Curiously its the only one to require power be fed to the gizmo to power 2.5″ ide drives.
This time I’m going to buy the MASSCOOL ADT-UPS003-S. The only thing its missing is a power switch… I think that’s easily remedied 😉

not hardwired == device not hardwired to USB
those not showing 2amp 12v are 1.5amp 12v

Rosewill RCW-608 is the only one boasting Sata II, but remember we’re connecting via USB2 here. Sadly I couldn’t find a similar class of devices that used Firewire400 (or 800) instead of USB2. Some of us know Firewire provides better continuous speed than USB2.
bytecc BT-300 (hardwired,no switch, 4pin molex feeds device, sata power/data ports on device)

Rosewill RCW-608 (sata II, power switch, brick-Y: 4pin molex && Sata, only sata data port on device)

* MASSCOOL ADT-UPS003-S (2amp 12v, not hardwired, no switch, ATAPI, simul: SATA + 2.5″ IDE, 4pin molex feeds device, sata power/data ports on device)

Sabrent USB-DSC5 (2amp 12v, hardwired, 4pin->sata.power simul: SATA + 2.5″ IDE … looks like gen1.5 of vantec, only sata data port on device)

Sytche SCUPS 1000 (2amp 12v, not hardwired, switch, ATAPI, NO 2.5″ IDE, simul: SATA + 3.5″ IDE/ATAPI, 4pin molex feeds device, sata power/data ports on device)

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