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May 11, 2007

One Laptop per Child the most ridiculous liberalist project?

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Educating children is admirable.. however what good is a laptop to children who cannot read?

Once they’re taught to read do they really need a laptop?  What’s wrong with using books?

Aside from that pesky reading issue OLPC has a seriously flawed premise:

 Children need to learn learning

Yes, that’s an actual quote from their wiki.  The ability to learn is innate, as is the ability to discern truth.  If learning were not innate it certainly could never be learned

Without the ability to learn how does one learn to learn?


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  1. This entire project is a perfect example of how incredibly misguided people can be. It has been speculated that this is really just a ploy to make millions from desperate governments of developing countries looking to portray themselves as working for their people. I don’t necessarily believe that myself… at least I’d like believe that people don’t think that way.
    There is an advertisement currently on american television showing a child walking through a settlement in what looks very much like Cape Town, South Africa toting a brand new laptop. I realize that these laptops are worth nearly nothing in our minds but I can not imagine sending ANY child strolling through a poverty stricken settlement carrying a laptop ALONE…
    Additionally, How do you charge a laptop without electricity?

    { crank power of course — S.H. }

    How do you connect to the internet without telephone, cable or wireless? How relevant are the teachings of a DVD-rom program when you don’t have food or water or medication?
    Now before anyone criticizes me for speaking this way, know that I’m thinking specifically of sub-saharan africa, and know that I spent months working there for UNICEF so I’m not basing these opinions off some Wikipedia column.

    { if you were you would have been mocked mercilessly for endorsing the folly of truth by consensus — S.H. }

    The United nations is still working on their Melinnenium Development Goals

    { The UN ‘constitution’ is another fine example of truth by consensus: you have the rights we say you have until we decide otherwise. — S.H. }

    (meaning things that were SUPPOSED to be accomplished 9 years ago) that include universal primary education, healthcare, access to medications and combatting HIV/AIDS

    { aids is already 100% preventable. — S.H. }

    and Malaria… not to mention other basic human needs. Now, before EVEN ONE of these goals have been completely accomplished it has been decided that children without access to the most utterly basic of human needs “need” laptops.

    { It is similar to the ‘need’ of low income families in the USA to have an HD plasma in every room and mobile phones for every family member. Living within one’s means, much like personal responsibility, is an unconscionable infliction. — S.H. }

    These children deserve first rate education and the best of everything the world can possibly offer them but I beg the people who buy these computers to consider the following scenario;

    { It’s absurd to expect cogent thought from a socialist. — S.H. }

    looking at their own children seeing them hungry, sick, poverty-stricken and living in a world lacking everything they need and handing them a COMPUTER. How can any with an intelligent mind believe that their money can’t be spent in better ways. I suppose at least when the computers make it to their final destination hopefully they can be sold to get money for something that will actually help.

    Comment by couteuse1 — December 25, 2008 @ 12:49 pm

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