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March 29, 2007

ISP restricting your UNLIMITED bandwidth? don’t pay your monthly bill in full!!!

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… sometimes known as capping or shaping.
I’d send a letter with my payment for the month explaining why I’m only paying [insert % here].. comparing the reduction in services and payment to the clearly defined word “unlimited”

you might want to send a photocopied page from your favorite dictionary

they might refer you to the phrase “fair use”. Please counter with a dictionary page for “fair”.. and explain that you couldn’t care less about how someone else is- or isn’t using their service as you are paying for your service only. “unlimited until we say otherwise” sounds terribly liberalese.

Tell them in your letter that you are planning to write to the PUC (Public Utilities Commision) allegding fraud or deceptive business practices.  ISPs and Telcos cringe when they read such things.  If the ISP doesn’t shape up do send a letter to the PUC and CC the ISP.

(yes, I really would… and I’ve done something similar to verizon wireless. I wish I had recorded the conversations)

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