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February 4, 2007

convert FLV to anything or convert anything to FLV — almost anything — convert FLV to avi, convert FLV to mpg, for FREE

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edit 2014, a mere 7 years later linked as solution in Experts Exchange [again] happy to help but not interested in mobocracy myself.  For that reason I despise wiki*dia; see also moralphobia.

love from ExpertsExchange Sagacious Himself as accepted solutions



think gremlins movie “mohgwai” { 魔怪 } for meGUI.  meGUI auto updates.  Not to be confused with fire attractant furby or with creatures‘ genetics lab victims.



___platform agnostic



for the cretinous with no aspirations of competence: HandBrake

do NOT trust “MediaCoder”.  see also long history of GPL violations

___windows notes

For least masochist playback in windows you’ll want a player that does NOT rely upon DirectShow (nor ever video for windows interface).  Two fine examples of this (both at the time of this article in 2007, and now in 2014) are:

VideoLAN  (or VLC)


MPlayer  (or it’s slightly more polished wrapper SMPlayer)

Not surprisingly these two utilities are available cross-platform … so when you abandon the cost- or suffering of windows for Linux, OpenBSD (or OSX) you can keep your players if you can afford them  (you can keep your doctor [if you can afford it]).


You will also enjoy [once you buy it] hardware encoding/decoding for h264/x264 and mpeg-2.  Nvidia chipsets are your best bang for buck but I’ve had overkill success with Matrox gear.  I recommend against all things AMD.


___teach a man to fish

& via

FFmpeg platform agnostic record convert stream transcode video free open source hand in glove with XBMC

doom9 forum
XBMC forum supplemental tools
video help forum {formerly}, a distant fifth place to doom9 forum as nettiquette is all but as dead here as the interweb at large given the influx of button mashers
video help convert [format_1] to [format_2] guides

video help convert guides video format to any other video format there can be only FFmpeg

If you suffer a windows platform it behooves you to become as savvy as CCCP or employ their freeware if the former is unlikely because of your sloth or disinterest.  Until CCCP-level competence you ought not roll your own FFDshow.  Two nicks’ [en|de]coding ideologies to study are both: LoRd_MuldeR, and CelticDruid. Yes, that mulder of MPlayer; his custom builds as distinct from*/

Mulder#GitHub, Mulder#SourceForge .

Mulder’s MPlayer for windows # GitHub

DVD ripping resources will not be provided not because I cannot or would not but because the Thought Police will ever smack down FairUse .  They will fail of course as the simple rule “if I can see it…” or “if I can touch it…”   … I can liberate it.


— orig 2007 — ————————————————–

requires XP or recent windoze OS

Three simple options:

(1) WinFF
(2) MeWIG
(3) meGUI

For option 1 download this, unpack it somewhere, run WinFF, add media files (in batch) select output format, click start

wait for completion, close command window, done.  rejoice.

For option 2 the process is similar but requires toggling more switches and settings.  Option 3 provides far more tweaking options than option 2.

If this can play the FLV you can convert it:…965#post839965

After converting removing the intro- or outro junk with  AviDemuX

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