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February 25, 2007

teacher fired for speaking truth

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Brit Teacher Fired For Saying “Most Suicide Bombers are Muslims”

“What a sad age we live in. Next, we’ll be forced to take down statues that conflict with Islamic beliefs.”

no, in keeping with our times…

the Statue of Liberty will be a burkah wearing transgender person with
the koran in one hand and a grenade in the other sporting an explosive
chastity belt


February 24, 2007

archiving the argument against DRM and the folly of selling mp3s

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Draconian Rights Mangling not only is unamerican, but it’s antisocial

“When customers buy CDs and cassettes, they often share their albums with others. “

No, really? People share? People exchange CDs? WOW. What a novel concept.

Remember: if the gizmo or software YOU are considering buying requires
DRM…. DO NOT BUY IT. When everyone realizes they CONTROL the market,
the marketeers will no longer be able to CONTROL the consumer with
Draconian Rights Mangling.

” the best way to market music to would-be customers” … is NOT to sell MP3s.

“700,000 songs for download at 99 cents each. In contrast, On-Demand
offers access to 650,000 songs per month at a starting price of $7.95
USD per month.”

People only pirate(d) MP3s because they were free. Low quality was
an acceptable trade off for ZERO cost. Low quality is NOT acceptable
for any “low” amount of money.

“Music services are evolving from their complex roots of ripping, burning, and managing”

Ummm not complex. Didn’t people used to tape radio and concerts to
tapes, and copy them for friends? That was about as “complicated”.

“locally into simple on-demand services”

Locally: my computer
on-demand: not on my computer

I prefer the control of having MY stuff on MY hardware where only I can
see it, thanks. I don’t need prying marketing eyes determining what
would amuse me and emailing me “special” offers.

“where you gain legal access to the entire music library for a low fee”

I’m not really gaining anything when I’m paying for low quality
recordings that only work on one computer in my house, now am I? It
certainly sounds like I’d be losing lots and lots of control over MY
listening habits of MY music.

With a CD I can play it upstairs, or downstairs, in my car, in my
friends car, at a friends house, on my boat, in an airplane, pretty
much wherever and whenever I please.

With this new “amazing” “service” I’ll be FORCED to use it only at one
machine, provided it’s hardware fingerprint doesn’t change, and then
only if it’s internet enabled to prove I’m still “entitled” to listen
to the music I payed for.

So again how is scenario_2 better than scenario_1?

Oh, that’s right, it isn’t

Remember: if the gizmo or software YOU are considering buying requires DRM…. DO NOT BUY IT.

When everyone realizes they CONTROL THE MARKET, the marketeers will no
longer be able to control the consumer with Draconian Rights Mangling.

itchy crawly skin? Morgellons Cacoon — science or scientifical?

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delusion? nematode? undiscovered entity? watch the fuzy, vague, silent video and speculate wildly! …. before the CDC study

CBS takes a new look:

“However, more extensive scrutiny using imaging software revealed evidence of Collembola in 18 of the 20 participants.”

it doesn’t help that the UFO-types are pushing for exposure on the issue.

February 22, 2007

arrrg now wordpress is as useless as blogger… quit eating my posts!!

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webpanel or performancing in firefox

posts to null


February 20, 2007

At last a digital music licensing scheme the recording industry can live with

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February 17, 2007

signup with performancing — the blogging firefox extension — receive a complimentary DELUGE OF SPAM

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Thank God for sneakemail filtering..  someone over at performancing needs a heavy bitchslapping

February 14, 2007

tracking moralphobia: Neologisminess

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thank you loyal minions


“If Truthiness is not neologism neither is moralphobia! The neologisminess value of a word fades in proportion to the fame of the one who utters the word? Misunderestimate must have an even lower neologisminess than truthiness’s neologisminess!”

Wait until Ann Coulter uses the word…. ūüôā

February 13, 2007

when pro-queer lobby invades in-bedroom education, parents should not be offended?? mmmm liberalese hypocrisy

riiiight. And what of other deviants like some sociopaths? ‘They were born with the inclination to rape and murder. They are entitled to their feelings. You cannot tell them not to derive sexual pleasure from torturing innocent people nor can you prevent them from sating themselves’

isn’t relativism fun?

wait.. the typical response will make some reference to hurt or injury and or consent. The *thumbnailed* response is to have you recognize intangible injury, as from this thread the non-physical damage done to a child, transcendental if you will. If you cannot admit of the former then the discussion is over as your values are such.. your attempt to inflict your deviant expectation of warped-tolerance. If you do grasp the concept we can explore further the type of injury upon another in a consensual deviant sexual relationship and the nature of love, which has not yet been explored here.

Consent does not mitigate harm. Choice does not effect justice. Perception does not effect change in the object. Freedom is not license. Unwanted consequences do not cease to exist.

Homosexual acts, as with other deviant activities with regard to grave issues, are an affront to the dignity of the actor and recipient, and then some.

The hypocritical intolerance is rife. Why can’t you people be tolerant of parents who don’t wish to scandalize their own children? That’s awfully hateful of you. Only you have the right to be offended? Why is that exactly?

What about to each his own?

You queers get bent out of shape when you think other people are controlling how you live, but yet when the pro-deviant movement tries regulate what parents teach their children, and those same parents object you’re shocked? Keep your moralphobia to yourself.

You deny absolute truth, and then insist that the tenants of liberalism are the only truth? Nope, no faulty logic there.

Anarchy for all?

(As a teeny tiny minority are you sure that’s a wise ideology for you deviants to pursue?)

February 12, 2007

When will Governor Socialist give out millions to other kinds of felons?

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Gov. Schwarzenegger announced 1.75M for illegal aliens

The California budget is billions of dollars in the red, yet
Governor Spendinator continues to hand out the citizens money to
illegal aliens. The money will be distributed by La Cooperativa
Campesina de California, a nonprofit association that represents
community-based organizations that provide services for insurgent
border jumpers.

refuting relativism — read it again contratheist

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theists and contratheists alike should absorb:

AMD is better than Intel?

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riiiiight… where are the AMD chips on this page:  (top 500 supercomputer sites)

February 9, 2007

“bush lied” .. failure of education system to teach basic logic

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“The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

and the lie is where exactly?

R.I.P. making suck less

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copy this to a text file named  mu.xml
import it into Remove It Permanently

<Config version=”1.0″>
    <Page name=”megaupload” url=”*&#8221; enabled=”true”>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[18]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[7]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[8]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[3]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[4]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[5]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[19]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[13]/div[2]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[15]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[14]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[17]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[6]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[2]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[20]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[22]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[23]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[21]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[18]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[15]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[1]</XPath>
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        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[17]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[8]</XPath>
        <XPath comment=””>/html/body/center/center/div/div/div[7]</XPath>

February 4, 2007

convert FLV to anything or convert anything to FLV — almost anything — convert FLV to avi, convert FLV to mpg, for FREE

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edit 2014, a mere 7 years later linked as solution in Experts Exchange [again] happy to help but not interested in mobocracy myself.  For that reason I despise wiki*dia; see also moralphobia.

love from ExpertsExchange Sagacious Himself as accepted solutions



think gremlins movie “mohgwai” { ť≠ĒśÄ™ } for meGUI. ¬†meGUI auto updates. ¬†Not to be confused with fire attractant furby or with creatures‘ genetics lab victims.



___platform agnostic



for the cretinous with no aspirations of competence: HandBrake

do NOT trust “MediaCoder”. ¬†see also long history of GPL violations

___windows notes

For least masochist playback in windows you’ll want a player that does NOT rely upon¬†DirectShow (nor ever video for windows interface). ¬†Two fine examples of this (both at the time of this article in 2007, and now in 2014) are:

VideoLAN  (or VLC)


MPlayer ¬†(or it’s slightly more polished wrapper SMPlayer)

Not surprisingly these two utilities are available cross-platform … so when you abandon the cost- or suffering of windows for Linux, OpenBSD (or OSX) you can keep your players if you can afford them ¬†(you can keep your doctor [if you can afford it]).


You will also enjoy [once you buy it] hardware encoding/decoding for h264/x264 and mpeg-2. ¬†Nvidia chipsets are your best bang for buck but I’ve had overkill success with Matrox gear. ¬†I recommend against all things AMD.


___teach a man to fish

& via

FFmpeg platform agnostic record convert stream transcode video free open source hand in glove with XBMC

doom9 forum
XBMC forum supplemental tools
video help forum {formerly}, a distant fifth place to doom9 forum as nettiquette is all but as dead here as the interweb at large given the influx of button mashers
video help convert [format_1] to [format_2] guides

video help convert guides video format to any other video format there can be only FFmpeg

If you suffer a windows platform it behooves you to become as savvy as CCCP or employ their freeware if the former is unlikely because of your sloth or disinterest. ¬†Until CCCP-level competence you ought not roll your own FFDshow. ¬†Two nicks’ [en|de]coding ideologies to study are both:¬†LoRd_MuldeR, and CelticDruid. Yes, that mulder of MPlayer; his custom builds as distinct from*/

Mulder#GitHub, Mulder#SourceForge .

Mulder’s MPlayer for windows # GitHub

DVD ripping resources will not be provided not because I cannot or would not but because the Thought Police will ever smack down FairUse . ¬†They will fail of course as the simple rule “if I can see it…” or “if I can touch it…” ¬† … I can liberate it.


— orig 2007 — ————————————————–

requires XP or recent windoze OS

Three simple options:

(1) WinFF
(2) MeWIG
(3) meGUI

For option 1 download this, unpack it somewhere, run WinFF, add media files (in batch) select output format, click start

wait for completion, close command window, done.  rejoice.

For option 2 the process is similar but requires toggling more switches and settings.  Option 3 provides far more tweaking options than option 2.

If this can play the FLV you can convert it:…965#post839965

After converting removing the intro- or outro junk with  AviDemuX

[ ]

February 2, 2007

vista is a hollywood DReaM come true

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yes DReaM

fascism run amuck… be treated like a criminal in the comfort of your own home!

Blog at