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January 24, 2007

downloading mp3s from myspace bands revisited

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———- NOTES to SELF ————

unfortunately to play this game one must signup for a myspace address :sigh: to the rescue

– view band page
– find gobbledegook url starting as
– load into new tab
– start live HTTP headers extension
– reload tab
– find url starting as

to find band

– load that full url in new tab

— get XML result

interesting results include number of song plays today, total plays, downloads, and other fun things.

hey myspace: munging does not a secure site make

– look for open tag
– find title of song you want to download: Title=”Tonight”
– find download url (in inventively named variable): durl=

:gasp: here comes the hard part

– paste the contents of that sans quotes to a new tab
– wait for download to complete
– play in Foobar2000 or your favorite non-sucky media player

Alternatively, view SWF music player
fire up live http headers

enable capture

click song title to play

generate a new token with

grab last url in capture log… substitute in new token.. paste new url to new tab to download or feed to fav download manager

enjoy song

myspace, the suck site that it is, is using firefox to sop up tons of VM space so more myspace another time….



you’ll need both the NEW token AND the durl.. and combine them manually unless you want a GreaseMonkey userscript

compare token in

to token in (thats used in url)

need to get clean filepath to feed to &p=

this is borken at the moment.. more testing to make it work for everyone everytime

if this is enough to encourage you to act foolishly or break laws… please.. go commit suicide now


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