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December 30, 2006

Evangelizing New Agers — confronting the old lies in the modern era

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5. Show weaknesses in the New Age world view itself. If the New
Ager sees problems with his or her viewpoint, he or she may become
more interested in Christianity. Several areas could be

    A. The New Age view of the divinity of humanity must neglect the
    reality of human evil. The biblical view of our finitude and our
    fallenness as sinners better explains the human condition than the
    New Age idea that we are all really God.

    B. The concept of an impersonal God is unsatisfying because it
    allows no ultimate personal relationship. Tuning in to “the Force”
    pales in comparison with loving and being loved by our Heavenly
    Father. Jesus Christ should be exalted as the supreme revelation of
    God’s love.

    C. Furthermore, the idea that the Ultimate Principle of the
    universe is impersonal is logically troublesome. It makes better
    sense to say that a personal God created personal beings in His
    image (Gen. 1:26).

    D. The New Age offers no spiritual discernment. It opens a
    Pandora’s box of paranormal poisons with no reliable antidote in
    sight, and ignores the fact that Satan himself masquerades as “an
    angel of light” (2 Cor. 10:14-15). The many writings of Kurt Koch
    make plain the spiritual dangers of occultism.

    What’s more, the “altered states of consciousness” desired
    and/or experienced by New Agers are often considered to be “beyond
    reason.” The danger of this irrationalism should be highlighted
    (compare Rom 12:2).

    E. The New Age’s ethical relativism (“we create our own
    reality/morality”) is illogical. A consistent ethical relativist is
    hard to find because our natural and logical tendency is to make
    absolute moral statements. The New Ager contradicts himself when he
    states absolutely that “there are no absolutes”! The New Agers who
    says that morality is relative because we all “create our own
    reality” will most likely not be content with such relativism if
    someone steals her car under the pretension that stealing “was part
    of his own reality.” Christianity provides the moral absolutes the
    New Age lacks.

    F. New Agers frequently warp history because of their desire to
    justify their beliefs on the basis of authorities of the past. This
    is especially the case when they try to argue that New Age
    pantheistic religion is compatible with faith in Christ by claiming
    to have discovered an “esoteric Christianity” — supposed inner
    teachings of Jesus later rejected and suppressed by the church. New
    Agers should be encouraged to face facts and be honest in their
    examination of history. Christians should be prepared to
    demonstrate the truth of Christianity through the use of historical

    G. The New Age doctrine of reincarnation is not only unbiblical
    (Heb. 9:27) but logically untenable and ethically unsatisfying:

    1. So-called evidence of reincarnation derived from hypnosis
    (“past-life regression”) can be better explained as psychological
    aberrations or even demonic involvement.

    2. It is difficult to view the law of karma as just, or
    reincarnation as a “learning experience” (as New Agers view it), if
    rewards and punishments are given without the conscious knowledge
    of those being rewarded or punished. If a fifteen-year-old girl
    dies an agonizing death from leukemia because she was Josef Stalin
    in a previous life, but never comes to know that fact, how can that
    be considered just? What can her leukemia teach her about her past
    life behavior, if she can’t remember her past life?

    3. If all is one, and individuality is ultimately illusory
    (monism), how can individual souls be reincarnated from one body
    to another? The “oneness” teaching contradicts the concept of the
    individual; yet individual souls are required for a coherent
    doctrine of karma and personal responsibility. Some one has to

    4. The biblical teaching of the historicity of Christ’s
    crucifixion and resurrection is well established factually, unlike
    speculations concerning supposed past lives. We have better
    evidence for Christ’s resurrection than for reincarnation.

The New Age movement challenges us to reach out to those
intoxicated by spiritual deception. We must seek the Holy Spirit
concerning how He would have us witness of His saving truth to
those in darkness.

Does Orthodoxy Allow Contraception Or Not?

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we say that it is wrong to
deliberately prevent a possible conception and to have sex when the woman
is fertile by using devises to neutralize that fertility. To follow Catholic
teaching, a couple with sufficiently serious reasons (and there are several)
to avoid conception, must abstain at those times. That respects natural
law, whereas contraception has no respect for that, and simply caters to
individual appetites with little regard for the most fundamental purpose
of marriage and sex (not to mention the disastrous societal fruit of this

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