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December 13, 2006

scifi the lost room object hunt level one level two level three

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I’ve completed all three levels.  Easy.  I won’t say how… but I will replicate someone else’s post with the answers to level one…   the day after the contest closes I’ll post my “notes” that solve all three levels.

The Bus Ticket –
Hint: A place to find out about you favorite TV programs both past and future. (
Instantly teleports any person who touches it – or who is touched with
it – to a spot outside Gallup, N.M. The ticket itself remains where it
is unless the teleported person was holding it at the time. Round trips
are not possible.

The Key –
Hint: A place where page six isn’t always page six. (NY Post)
Opens any door with a pin-tumbler lock and makes it into a portal to
the Motel Room, which seems to exist outside of normal space and, in
turn, allows the user to exit through any door of their choosing,
anywhere in the world.

The Pencil –
Hint: The hottest place for watching other people’s videos, or posting your own. (YouTube)
Description: Creates a 1961 penny when it is tapped against a solid surface.

The Umbrella –
Hint: Find the latest essays, fiction, and cartoons in this big apple magazine. (The New Yorker)
Creates a mind-altering effect, not in the user, but in others who
observe the user.  It cases them to mistakenly believe that they
know the user, and to look up on them favorably, or at least without

The Scissors –
Hint: Home of all things sci-fi. (The SCI FI Channel)
Rotates arbitrary things in three-dimensional space. The axis of the
rotation can be either within or without the target. Targeted items can
be of any size or mass.

nah I decided not to show the codes… wait until the day after tomorrow for ALL the codes to ALL three levels 😉

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