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October 27, 2006

getting basic auth to work on godaddy shared webhosting — fun with .htaccess and .htpasswd

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one cannot enable basic auth on the root of a godaddy shared hosting account.

GoDud uses some horrifically annoying caching proxy so you might drive yourself near madness tinkering with content and permissions trying to get basic auth working.  Wait about 24 hours and what didn’t work when you initially uploaded will mysteriously function without a hitch the next day.

For ‘security’ reasons GoDud refuses to release version information about their servers and the respective software packages on the webhost.  Isn’t security through obscurity grand?

** sometimes ** this works:

AFTER uploading content to the directory you wish to protect, and AFTER you’ve configured basic auth, THEN create a new subdirectory and mass-move all the files into it.  Browse to the content in the sub-directory.. voila! you’re now prompted for authentication.

oooh fun!

“Can I move the files up a level now?”

Sure, but basic auth will not-work again.

If I were paying a monthly fee for this shared hosting I’d be vexed beyond description.  GoDaddy is fine for hosting: content for direct download.  GoDaddy is NOT fine for most php application or much of anything else.


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