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September 9, 2006

looks like I’m not the only one to SUFFER HORRIBLE inbound call quality issues with VoicePulse

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I have SEVERAL EXTREMELY fast internet connections in the house.  At one point one EXTREMELY fast connection was provided for the EXCLUSIVE use of the VoicePulse phone-adapter and the problems persisted.  Clearly NOT a bandwidth issue.

UNLOCKING the potential of audio e-books .. mwahaha … FairUse4WM 4u and 4me

you’ll need
 an unpatched copy of Windows Media Player 10 or 100
 optionally:  WMWare Workstation
 trial download account
 optinally: download manager (to download an entire site)

or easily locate other victi… sources

stay TUNEd for more resources and Fare Use


Digital Downloads from MVLC

Library Partners
Click here for a list of public libraries offering OverDrive digital books.

C:xxx requires a different private key.

If you get this error on a brand new license, then redownload test
content from (snicker) or ezdrm. Extract the keys.

If the key extraction fails, THEN you have the new update and [have to wait for an update to FairUse4WM]

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