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September 8, 2006

still websearching for FairUse4WM download and coming to my other blog article on FairUse4WM downloading?

You really should try reading.  FairUse4WM download is possible, but
it’s not a simple click.  Downloading the UUencoder to UUdecode the
FairUse4WM download post is a simple click.   Click, copy, paste,
decode, save, run.


looking for another way to download FairUse4VM …

seen my download FairUse4WM post? wo…

Microsoft is planning to patch away your freedom.  Here download an unpatched copy of Windows Media Player 10

or download an unpatched copy of Windows Media Player 11 beta1

here test it on some e-books:
San José Digital Library – Help – Basics – OverDrive Audio Books

united methodist church: it’s all good

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that’s right, join up and believe whatever you want, you’re welcome there.  it’s all good: nothing is wrong as long as you believe its right.  A church that advertises liberalism.  Jesus came to tolerate sin?


that’s some nerve

its the kind of church secular humanists would like

[ ]

SciFi markets feast as: Fucking Awesome — that’s not fucking cool

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yes, “Fucking Awesome”.   They produced the trailer, and opted to include the profanity:

that was not fucking cool of them


scifi atlantis code: sacrafice — scifi pulse code of the week is sacrafice

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You could waste your time by entering sacrafice as the scifi atlantis pulse code….. or instead of entering the scifi pulse code you could simply bookmark this first link 😉

how cool is that?  Digg it and we’ll see:

If you recall last week’s dlid was 25614


But then what fun would that be?   Aren’t you glad you websearched for scifi atlantis pulse code and found this cool blog article on scifi pulse code?

oh, sure, change the way the page works, SciFi.  Fine….

September 8th SciFi Atlantis Pulse Code

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SciFi Atlantis Pulse Code of the week is sacrafice

coke recipe no longer trade secret

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make your own coke and bottle it at home with coke’s secret recipe not found in this post. You’ll need to search long and far to find the recipe of coke, because with the secret coke recipe oh are you still reading?

New Zealand FASCISTS create Department of DRM

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the Third Reich would have been jealous

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