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August 15, 2006

ShortShip Pro — first NAGWARE firefox “plugin” ever!

Until hacked it requires the user to activate it: click their affiliate link once every seven days or the extension will cease to function correctly. Extensions don’t have the power to disable themselves, so it will just cease to show the shipping charges on ebay search results.

Since the source contains this entertaining message:


AD REMOVAL – screw ebay ads, we already pay them 15% to use their service, and we value our desk space they shouldnt care, theres already a plethora of adblock type extensions available.

I’m sure ShortShip won’t mind having their activation removed. screw nagware.

“and is affililate supported. Both are completely free for you to use, and both are free of nag screens, pop ups, pop unders, or any other annoying things that I hate in software and would not expect users to have to put up with.”

And if it were OPT-in supported:

– shortship pro wouldn’t have to be nagware
– only one version of the shortship extension would need to be released
– simply installing a product is NOT sufficient for an OPT-in model
– shortship stealing toolbar space IS ANNOYING

fortunately it is extremely easy to remove the malware aspects and render the plugin opt-in support again 😉 Much like the xbox hacking project this information is provided for educational purposes. If you modify the extension please support the author.. by actually opting-in to support him.. or not if you merely like tweaking. Performing these modifications will annoy the developer a little more than he annoys ebay by removing their ads.

You’ll need:

a text editor that doesn’t suck
WinRar or a decompression tool that can open JARs, which are really zip files
some time
a loathing for ads
a desire to tweak

– download the xpi from
– change the addons file extension from XPI to XPI.ZIP
– open the

I’m bored so I’ll write the rest of the directions later.. its easy.. try it.. improve them.. but don’t redistribute the modified xpi

my lawyers tell me I can provide these directions

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  1. Hello there.

    sadly, you were mistaken in your assumption that ‘shortship won’t mind having their activation removed’.

    [then maybe someone should review one’s source notes regarding ebay… your extension is very unmozillish and not suitable for public use as is]

    Comment by shortship — January 19, 2007 @ 7:13 pm

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