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August 8, 2006

the truth about Israel and Lebanon

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(in response to an insane Digg)

The truth is that the public consciousness is unfortunately all too familiar with Muslim suicide bombers.  The truth is that this is not a tactic of Jews.

The truth of the numbers:
* Muslim extremists kill infadels and blasphemers.  (everyone not-muslim is a target)
* Jewish extremists kill blasphemers. (everyone who claims to be God is a target)

The truth of the scale of tactics:
* Muslims extremists throw themselves into innocent public gatherings and blow themselves up to kill sinners.
* Jewish extremists throw stones to kill sinners.

The truth of the sanity:
* Muslim extremists go out into the world to slaughter all who oppose Islam. (claim: _defending_ their omnipotent creator)
* Jewish extremists lob missiles at people who first attack them.  Jewish extremists have been known to destroy nuclear weapons facilities in countries run by Muslim extremists. (claim: self defense)

The truth of the map:

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