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August 4, 2006

end the unjust jewish occupation of muslim land

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here’s a variation on the map… photoshop it to suit

“end the unjust jewish occupation of arab land” makes your interweb faster and more privater


this entertaining search leads here, too: zionist occupation of arab land


mirrored to wordress

zionists not living in 14th century

zero world domination attempts by jews

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end the unjust zionist occupation of arab land

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Anything is too much something!  99% for arabs is not sufficient!  The descendants of Mohammad the pedophile must control everything!

zionists not living in 14th century

zero world domination attempts by jews

Convert to islam or die?

C. None of the above: nuke the arab pedophile fan club

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plans to solve the high gas price problem

(1) mine US oil! — who cares about a few deer. animals have zero rights.. except the right be be tasty

(2) cut taxes — always a great plan

(3) cut spending — I can’t print my own money and as the state only
has the right I do by extension has no right to print new money to
spend either

(4) dump liberalist favored government programs — funding evil is never wise

(5) “use less” is not a plan

(6) ignore liberalists with “secret plans”

hahaha…. now for an econazi perspective:

Why not just remove gas tanks from cars?  Then no one would be able to use gas.  Problem solved.  woo. 

No, wait, let’s remove personal freedom and dictate each must drive State Brand ™  TheCar.  It will be solar powered exclusively.  That will reduce night time traffic considerably.

Orr just pass a law demanding that machines be built to make gas in one’s garage?  Or by edict declar that the properties of gas are now such that it produces better milage (UN style)

Start a letter writing campaign and whine until suppliers lower price.  Threaten that you won’t be putting gas in your ethanol car to teach them a lesson.

Walk more.  It’s environmentally friendly.  Be sure your shoes contain no oil products and CERTAINLY no animal products!  Avoid walking on plants.  You might hurt their feelings.

So little time, so many great solutions to force on people!

overclocking cells speeds healing

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But just as with PC overclocking there’s bound to be a massive downside,,1830986,00.html?

Further tests showed epithelial cells, the building blocks of skin
tissue, sensed and followed electric fields towards the wound site
using two molecular structures, or receptors. One mobilises cells to
creep in the direction of the electric field, while the other shuts
down any signals that threaten to send the cell off course.

Hubble Sees Galaxy on Edge … art with black holes

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unique view of the disk galaxy NGC 5866 tilted nearly edge-on
to our line-of-sight. Hubble’s sharp vision reveals a crisp dust lane
dividing the galaxy into two halves. The image highlights the galaxy’s
structure: a subtle, reddish bulge surrounding a bright nucleus, a blue
disk of stars running parallel to the dust lane, and a transparent outer

Art with blackholes

EMO PC on the horizon? emotionally abusive friends plus EMO PC = EmORtification

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suffer emotionally abusive friends?  Soon you might be abused by hardware

Defective By Design: eliminate DRM by the power of the people (who spend the money on gizmos)

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I won’t buy ANY hardware with embedded DRM… unless I can remove- or
circumvent it. Thanks, but I don’t want a nanny state. Even China is
slowly being moved away from that mentality.

eGstortion: the newest google “service” ™ … please help us devalue these adsense words to convince current customers to buy all new words

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Google Research to Release 1 Trillion Words Online

“please help us devalue these adsense words to convince current customers to buy all new words”

eGstortion  (extortion)  – the newest google service — google scholar? not very scholarly

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profiting from rank plagiarism!

fair use proxy device : Circuit City kiosk to rip DVD content to portable format … MPAA RIAA plan to whine about individual liberty

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Its fair use if I rip my DVD to PSP format, or my audio CD to FLAC to play on an iPod with rockbox firmware…. why is it illegal for a third party to provide this service to me  ONE TO ONE as a proxy (agent)?  Its not.  Let’s watch the burn.  (see also:  real estate agent, power of attorney, etc)

Hopefully this’ll revive the custom audio CD kiosks

oh and if its good enough for google then its good enough for Circuit City

Google routinely profits from rampant violation of Intellectual Property.  NO fair use there:

Scholar?  Why isn’t it  ?

still humorous

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No french military victories

not only is vista not “more secure” it CANNOT access the required memory requirements ( Subverting Vista Kernel For Fun And Profit )

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/PAE is hardly a solution.  Until hardware catches up with memory requirements of Vista I see little point to rushing in especially as the bloat doesn’t carry increased security (decreased insecurity).  Sadly many soho portable mp3 players can address more ram than soho PCs.
HITBSecConf2006 – Malaysia » Joanna Rutkowska (Senior Security

hint:  malware continues to be the IT cash cow

oh look… other people are now saying “malware injection”  mwahahaha

post to host with cpanel

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750 meg/ 10g xfer

its a bit expensive even for post2host.

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