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August 3, 2006

download microsoft live mail desktop beta

you might need to be logged into passport and might additionally need a live mail account

Having not used it I can only speculate about the offline mail management and HOPE they’re no longer using icky POP3… or annoying exchange… and have instead used flexible, powerful IMAP  🙂

2 gigs of mail storage, and ZERO google-creepiness. I won’t be bouncing MS live mail at the MTA… unlike gmail 😛

on the downside
it does use IE to render content, and DOES have ads so you really should pre filter with prioxy or proxomitron.. unless you like malware

the not definative guide on geing a geek poser

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additional requirements:  brains and a fantastic memory for details.. oh, wait, that might make you into a potential geek.  ahahaha

bored? watch as Diggs are dugged in almost real time

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sometimes not much digging is happening

or watch in old style ajax

register a firefox party… and meet obsessive people

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Firefox is great and all… but setting up, registering-, and attending such a “party” is a little much.

Unless you’re an obsessive person or like to meet new obsessive people…

wow eudrodns is a total SCAM

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remember the rush to register dot BE domains for free?  I went to change some whois information and they have the audacity to insist that ANY changes to whois will cost 16 euro per transaction.   Um, no thanks.  When they expire I’ll not be renewing them. 

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