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July 16, 2006

haha you suck

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get the free help you deserve

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Virtual MCSE 3.0

call our NEW Sagacious Hotline ™ and leave feedback about products made in eureka

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call now… an operator is standing by to record your call… operator not made in erueka

yes, a real voicemail line dedicated to made in eureka

linux and tinfoil hat? stay healthy and keep tinfoil or aluminum foil deflector beanie people away

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for the good kind of suspicion oft mislabeled as paranoia by the mentally crippled

fascist-ready ™ chip implant technology: its for the children

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A tiresome argument for fascist-ready ™ technology sounds like AlGore: its for the children

Or children who have been abducted.

remember Franklin….

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither

The Sagacious Solution ™ is to carry a device that spams RFID signals. There’s little sense trying to block the information… so give LOTS and LOTS of bad data to devalue the information 😉

Camera with a lens made of ice… and some photos

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