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July 8, 2006

how to refresh new ringtones list on e815: OBEX transfer, or USB cable transfer

1) transfer new MP3 or MIDI ringtones to phone via OBEX transfer or via USB cable transfer
2) connect to phone via USB cable:
a) start PST 7.2.3
b1) rename the first exe in P2Kcommander to ext
b2) start P2Kcommander 3.3.0
3) browse to root of phone (/a/)
4) delete mytun*.*
a) this should be TWO files
5) disconnect phone
6) power off phone
7) remove battery for five seconds, reconnect battery, power on phone

VIOLA! sounds are now listed BOTH in media manager and in Ringtone details. No more need to reset phone entirely.


The downside is that ALL your contact-ringtone settings get mixed up. So you “get to” fix each one by hand. But this is a small irratation to suffer to avoid the other vexation of ghost files.

credit to Sagacious Himself

why not to use a stolen phone.. especially if the owner’s friends have no lives

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I’d rather just embarrass the thief as
much as possible.  Teach them a
lesson on the etiquette of returning peoples lost belongings.

Right now, I am more concerned about spreading
this story.  I
want people to realize that what goes around, comes around.  If you find a phone in a taxi or
elsewhere.. it is NOT yours.. return it….and when u lose an item, then the same
will happen for u. 
This is not a religious endeavor or a moral endeavor….this is a HUMANITY
endeavor.  I
want these people SHAMED into realizing what they have done.

wow..  66 page updates, pictures, and lotsa ranting….  too bad he uses evilgmail

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