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July 6, 2006

using gps features on e815 no hack


4771 stands for GPS1

and then it asks for an SPC code… enter


these steps will take you to the gpsOne menu, and modify the settings in the settings menu by

changing the lock status [3] to off, test mode [4] to off, sample count [5] to 1, and transport type [6] to DBM.

You can’t change the IP address or the IP port [without a SEEM edit]. In the GPS test menu, you don’t need the start application function either. All you need is the ‘Last Location’ function.

Make sure your phone is enabled to use the GPS function, not just the E911 function. [073887]
Press end to clear out back to the start screen

Dial 922 and stay on the line until some gibberish starts coming out of
the phone. * hang up, you need not stay on the line after that.

go back into the GPS menu and press last location. BOOM. There are your
Longitude and Latitude coordinates. Go to mapquest and enter your
coordinates here:


see also:

* IMPORTANT: in some areas dialing 922 MIGHT connect you to emergency services. Do not hang up on them; instead POLITELY and PROFUSELY apologize explaining the number you did dial.

Once someone figures out how to sign BREW applications I imagine there will be some lovely homebrewbrew brewhaha (puns intended). Homebrewbrew GPS mapping software… better than Get It Now NAVItime. Since QPST, PST, et al are already pirated… its just the next step to pirate the software for signing applications 😉

Remember.. its not wrong to lie- or steal from- verizon.

don’t look down!

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nuke north korea and china and iran

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analysts say is capable of hitting the Western United States, was fired
in the morning. It failed after about 40 seconds and landed in the sea
about 200 miles (321 kilometers) west of Japan, U.S. officials said.

natalee holloway body found half alive in underwater dungeon

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looking for natalee holloway?

 stop.  really, just stop looking for natalee holloway. Hey, natalee holloway is not news.  Everytime I hear about natalee holloway on tv I’m going to post about natalee holloway here at least as many times as someone says natalee holloway.  If I write natalee holloway more times than a newsreader says natalee holloway then maybe all the searches for natalee holloway will get more interesting natalee holloway results.

Take for instance this natalee holloway post about the nearly living body of natalee holloway.

highway schadenfreude

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this really shows the need to not grant driver licenses to people with IQs less than 130

ping ping ping goose!

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Blogflux Pinger
King Ping
Ping The Empire
Blog Search Engine
Blog Daisy
Blog Hub
Get Blogs

SEO black hat potential

download: Eric Mongrain Airtap

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download the AVI:

the mario brothers…. sort of

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download the AVI:

bunnies like cookies??

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ever wonder what happens to your toothbrush when you are not looking?

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look I’m not the only genius who thinks google wi-fi “product” is evil

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Google not only wants to track your online habits, the company also wants to track your physical location (for profit, of course). What’s next, implantable RFID tags? It really wouldn’t surprise me…

I did buy a router from them for $25… but then I loaded dd-WRT on it.  More repeaters is more fun.

Lazy II — japanese guitar magazine

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King say you must see

Piracy hurting China’s own industries

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GEeeeee…. really?

Web sites that carry unlicensed copies of CDs often give away the music
for free and make money from advertising. That takes advantage of a
provision in Chinese law — one that trade groups are lobbying
Beijing to change — that requires pirated goods to be sold before
violators can be prosecuted.

beyond tomorrow should really be called Beyond Yesterday: Jet Board or power ski NOT NEW

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I went with some people to a trade show where one of the guys in my group bought a Jet Board… SEVERAL YEARS AGO for about $35,000.   New?  NO.  This is even more annoying than the Revisionist History channel or the Technology History channel (G4)

Jet Board
Power Ski
Power Board

same thing… similarly NOT NEW

surf board with jet ski plant… fun but BIG ANNOYING issues

But wait there’s more…. They have ZERO dealers at many of the most popular surf locations outside of hawaii!  HELLO?? 

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