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July 4, 2006

boredom + digital camera = rock balancing? I am so fucking bored?

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maybe… if it becomes a hobby you become a dork… and no dorks are cool

mp3 piracy spawns a new age for metal distribution

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yes, the hubris!

Using YouTube for content distribution promos…

the crisis and promise of Vatican II

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ASF. ~ 1 hr.

how to speed up windows xp shutdown painlessly

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phase 1: install user profile hive cleanup service
phase 2: reboot
phase 3: profit.. laugh meniacally

if you don’t yet have at LEAST one gig of ram now is a good time to upgrade!

learn to play guitar in your lap like eric mongrain airtap

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watch and innovate–learn-to-play-guitar-like-eric

[ ]

things pass away – don’t let your heart bleed out

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don’t get too attached to friends or family

faith matters – the gift of children

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you MUST be open to the gift of children

The mindset “I can do with my body as I choose” is wrong, but nowhere near as wrong as fornication or abortion.

take a stand – people want to hear truth

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