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June 30, 2006

review BlueTooth GPS reciver for iPaq

Dead Reckoning



ANTARIS vs SiRF III vs TycoElectronis

more soon

possibly the ultimate geeky chipset for GPS devices:


Nikori: Sudoku solver

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manual distribution kit

solves any sudoku puzzle almost instantly.  Its also available as a JAR

thank you for calling the internet

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almost as funny as the UK comedy TV series

the hold music is… LOL

Where it is not just the size but the thought that counts

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the call of fornication — selfishness that murders

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the worst part is that MANY birth “control” pills are in actuality ABORTIFACIENTS. Yes, your fornication generates life, and the “control” prevents the single cell human from implanting (for long) in the uterine wall!!

does the Red Mirror reveal the evil of Marxism?

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dun *99**1#

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dun *99**1#
instead of
dun #777

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