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June 28, 2006

you bought the games… now install them YOUR way

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Math Moves You — Raytheon is even better after the split

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grab some posters
win prizes
Do Math to win!

Only for ages 10 to 14
Or solicit a scholarship or grant…. aready in college?  Get up to $6,000 for helping to teach math

I should have pursued Raytheon… check out the anti-tank Javeline Weapon System

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Javelin is the world’s first one man-portable and employable
fire-and-forget medium-range missile system. Designed to take the fight
to the enemy, the compact, lightweight Javelin is ideally suited for
one-soldier operation in all environments.


get your EMOtionally abusive friends the help they need — stop the emotional blackmail

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emotional blackmail sucks

depression hurts? not as badly as broken heart syndrome

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Broken Heart Syndrome

The research linking anger to heart problems has a long history that
goes back to at least the 1960s, when California cardiologists Meyer
Friedman and Ray Rosenman first coined the term “type A” to describe
edgy, impatient people and showed that these people were more likely to
have heart attacks.

Depression Congestion

But anger isn’t the only kind of unhappiness that can harm the
heart. Researchers in Norway discovered that patients with congestive
heart failure who also suffered from severe depression were four times
more likely to die within two years of treatment than patients who
weren’t depressed.

The study, published in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine
last November, included 119 patients suffering from congestive heart
failure. Of the 20 patients who died from cardiac disease during the
two-year study, 25% were depressed, compared to the 11.3% who were not


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dave is here! dave is here! dave is here!

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But who is dave and why is there a bus and a big bird?

Find the other Eagle..

which laptop will best run linux?

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check before buying..


fuel cell in your lap “now”?

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Guess “now” isn’t now just yet

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