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June 17, 2006

forget google maps

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Steam Brigade strategy game

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Convert the 1.5 Liter 7-11 Extreme Gulp into a 3 liter refill machine

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stealing soda?

turn yourself in.. I mean piracy for hire

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New vacancy. Join our Uploader Team and earn for living. This is time-limited offer.
Contact via MSN messenger

yah… that’s a good idea.  not.

motorola e815 firmware versions nightmare for game developers

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It turns out that the BREW API call: IBITMAP_NativeToRGB(IBitmap *pIBitmap, NativeColor clr) does not work properly.

any game that went through the extra effort of trying to stay device
independent (using this call) would become broken with the latest

The native calls that we use are IFONT_DrawText and IBITMAP_FillRect, along with IBITMAP_RGBtoNative.


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