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June 15, 2006

how to improve RapGet

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step 1:  Distributed captcha processing.  mwahahaha
step 2:  mugmgrembemba
step 3:  profit!

Hacking the Motorola E815

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When you entered ##DIALUP on the phone, it did say “dialup enabled” or
something like that, right? I also use BlueSoleil, with a Trendnet
bluetooth dongle. I usually have no trouble, though sometimes if I’ve
been messing with settings on the phone, I have to turn the phone off
and on and then doubleclick on the phone icon in BlueSoleil again to
get the box around the DUN symbol. If you get it working you will see
that it supplies a weird dialup number, *99***1# (which is an industry
default GPRS dialup number). I don’t need a username or password with
that number, but maybe that’s because I have Vcast.

Another thing I remember reading is that sometimes if you don’t have
Vcast on an e815, Verizon mistakenly turn off all your data services.
You can tell if this is so because Get It Now won’t work. You can call
them up and say “my Get It Now isn’t working” and they will probably
activate some sort of data service for you for free.

As to the DUN charges, without Vcast you will be charged minutes at
least, and if they figure out you are tethering they may charge you
$0.002 per kbyte or something egregious like that. Vcast is kind of a
shield in that it makes it very hard for them to tell you’re tethering,
unless you do it excessively, plus you aren’t charged for minutes.

There is a seem edit to make your phone always identify iself as e815m.
It is seem 2827, record 1, length 22, offset 0008, enable bits 0-2-3-6.
This was previously reported somewhere else on howardforums.


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