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June 11, 2006

another kind of speed test

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Welcome to the home of the Debian Virtual Machine!

Download the Debian Virtual Machine (password is “debian”)


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ReactOS 0.29 is a Free Software ground-up implementation of a Microsoft
Windows® XP compatible operating system. Please bear in mind that
ReactOS is still in alpha stage and is not recommended for everyday use.

Virtual Appliances

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A virtual appliance is a fully pre-installed and pre-configured
application and operating system environment that runs on any standard
x86 desktop or server in a self-contained, isolated environment known
as a virtual machine. Virtual appliances provide an evolutionary step
in the software distribution model. Read More…

site is a resource dedicated to Virtual Appliance Computing. Inside you
will find virtual appliances from VMware partners and from VMTN
community members. You will also find more information on the benefits
of the virtual appliance approach and how to get started in building
your own virtual appliance with VMware products like VMware Workstation.

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