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June 7, 2006

video-recording highschool cheerleader dancing a crime? only mental cripples think so

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WHY is it considered a crime to video-record the SALACIOUS dancing of highschool cheerleaders? Hello? Their LUDE gyrations are performed IN PUBLIC with school- and parental SANCTION (which is really the crime). Their behaviour is age-INNAPROPRIATE.

Their lascivious dancing: not a crime
watching them dance: not a crime
TV broadcasting them: not a crime
recording tv broadcast: not a crime

recording their dancing yourself: a crime?….. NO. Clearly not.
Selling that recording: a crime??….. NO. Clearly not.

“The Media”, school administrators, and some parents think the latter two are crimes. That is SUCH POOR LOGIC.

If recording them is producing pornography, then the cheerleaders’ actions are pornographic. Then the parent’s and the school are guilty of at least: child abuse, some kind of sex crime, child endangerment, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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