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June 3, 2006


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The same 9th Circuit Court that found
“under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional has
ordered children in the public schools of California to chant “Allah is
the only true God and Mohammed is his messenger.” The Court also ruled
children can also be required to chant “Praise be to Allah” in
response to a teacher prompting them. According to the court it is cultural
“diversity” to force the kids to design Islamic prayer rugs, take on
Arabic names and to “become a Muslim” for a two week period as part
of required school assignments. Meanwhile Christianity is a two day course in
California’s public school system with a spotlight on the Inquisition which
represents a very short period of Christian history. The religion classes are
misleading and deliberately anti-Christian in nature. The course on Islam says
that Jihad is a personal “internal struggle” and common modern
practices of Islam like repression of women, slavery and polygamy are never
mentioned. The consultant who produced the program for the California public
schools is a devout Muslim who is on the payroll of the Saudi government. (Click
for full story.)


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