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December 20, 2005

technology of the future

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The gross lack of personal responsibility will continue to boil over into corporate culture (I’m not a liberalist) resulting in radiation bleed and as the mobile age progresses more freaky brain cancer will emerge

The “success” of the sexual revolt from modesty, temperance, and chastity will continue to savage the gene pool.. while pornography will continue to seize control of advertizing space and become FAR more invasive requiring substantially more sophisticated malware detection software. In the era of hedonism the suppression of pure love expectations will rise, the age of wantonly discarding virginity will lower yet further and divorce rates approach 99% e-surveilance will allow seamless, and stealthy monitoring of spousal activity on- and off the net.

Privacy will become a myth and nanny-cam will take on a whole new eschalon of meaning.

As usual as ram prices drop developers become lazier using more bloatware IDEs requiring more ram than systems can address in one machine. This might lead to easier home beowulf or a market for well designed software

Verizon will continue to mislead potential clients, cripple useful hardware (years behind japanese culture), and suffer more class action lawsuits like the v710 bluetoothless fiasco… this will stunt the acceptance of EVDO+ type applications or appliances

As multichannel wireless finally sinks in the limited soho spectrum will experience horrific collision frequencies

Poor purchasing decisions will continue to fuel the ecomony while professional korean thieves *cough* *cough* newegg *cough* *cough* will increase the “restocking fee” percentage on returned DEFECTIVE items. Full circle: it will be more cost effective to buy from brick and mortar stores.

Dell’s component quality will sink below packard bell’s.

Draconian Rights Mangling technology proponents will insist on installing brain chips a la Dr Fun to ensure you cannot enjoy media you “purchase”. Perhaps there’ll simply be a happy tax payable to RIAA even if you never spend money acquiring audio or visual entertainment. Someone might consider going on a killing spree using a hammer.. so hammers should be banned.

People will continue buying AMD or overclocking deluding themselves into thinking “it’s just as good” when it patently is unwise. Mac owners and antagonists will continue arguing whose gui OS is better all the while blissfully ignorant that it was actually Xerox who had the first one.

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Beware hollyfascism taking a foothold…

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