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December 5, 2005

region free w2k – thanks arstechnica

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t appears that the multi-hash techniques initially designed for Windows 2000 may not have been implemented due to some other issues (however, they may be restored in later service packs). If you DO have a region free drive, then the following is true : When you install clean Win2k Pro you have region 1 set and 1 change left…After one change – that's it… locked.
However, load REGEDT32 and go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft]. You should see a strange looking random letter key (for example "`dv:=/") as the first entry… Delete the entire key. Reboot the machine and… you're back to region 1 with 1 change left…. Works every time…
Versions 3.75 and later of DVD Genie should be able to find this key for you and allow you to backup and erase the key with ease. This method has been confirmed to be working with Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.
Information #2:
Using the information above, instead of erasing the key, you can see that it has one REG_QWORD
entry. What you can do is completely blank out the 'Value Data' field and then reboot your machine.
After the boot, Windows should report your region as unselected and programs requesting the region should see this as "Region 0". The problem with "Region 0" is that it won't work on all titles, especially MGM and the new RCE titles (such as The Patriot).

yet ANOTHER reason to not-use AMD

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brain cancer or cold fusion in a jar?

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If xMax is not the latter then tin foil beanie hats for everyone!

In the late 1990s, before anyone ever uttered the term “Wi-Fi,” Bobier turned his hometown and neighboring towns into a wireless community, deploying a 2.4 GHz city-wide wireless network to deliver high-speed Internet access to subscribers

Well that sounds great and all doesn’t it? And what about lag? Yeah, well don’t hold your breath

new way to deliver wireless broadband that could have the reach, reliability, speed and affordability of traditional radio

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