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November 30, 2005

unicef endorses bombing — scares innocence out of children everywhere

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watch video (wmv Lo Qual)

bomb more smurfs

November 27, 2005


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Weee I now control again… now if only I could wrest control of ALL or most of MY groups


right is right



There are about two dozen others, and I'm sure it was only a source of frustration that the lone conservative had SO MANY top popularity groups..

Some poser fop is controlling my stumbleupon account 😦 is rightly mine! As are all the innovative SU groups I started!!!

Geoff, why do you hate me now?

do the right thing

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Are you high? You want to control the burn rate at both ends of the candle? If you want to deploy ad-blocking-blocking software that's your call.. but its sheer hubris to inflict your "requirements" on ad-blocking software developers. "Do the right thing"? Yes, it's called PLEASE the CUSTOMER. And guess what customers of AdBlocking software want? Yup, you guessed it: 100% of all ads blocked!

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