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July 5, 2005

blog binaries as post encode to text via UUencode or XXencode no webhosting file required

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celebrate independence from needless constraint this American Independence week

XXencode, UUencode, ahem yenc,  mime, base64, et al then

paste text output AS post

ahem yenc ahem requires less overhead but isn’t appropriate for blog circumvention. Mime is forward looking surely with potential for fewer encryption gotchas.   While others might prefer mime for blog use after reading this for legacy circumvention tribute I’ll be using UUencoding as blog binary posting.

converting 8bit to a character set common to both sender and recipient is not new but using it for blogging is _now_ .  UUencoded character set is much smaller that that of blogging: numbers, letters, and a handful of symbols.  If need be XXendcode uses even fewer characters: numbers, letters, and two symbols.

Use this Sagacious Himself binary blogging method until something better comes along especially if you don’t want to pay for third party webhosting .  Most suitable for tiny binaries as you’ll discover certain clipboard woes.

uuencode, uudecode, xxencode, xxdecode, encrypted blog posting, encrypt blog post, blog encryption, binary mirror blogging, encrypting blogs in lieu of encrypting email, pgp blog, gpg blogging, gnugp posting, openpgp public communication, securing privacy, relying on a system wherein the wolf guards the key to the hen house is not the best of plans. replace gpg with something else before XXencoded public posting preferably something with multiple keys (four or more) requiring a subset of keys greater than a single key and the government has zero keys.

“If you’re not doing anything wrong” is errantly placing the focus on the innocent.  The proper sentiment is “you have no just reason to inquire”.

Privacy is essential for free exercise of liberty. One must have liberty to have security. With troops quartered in one’s home one has neither privacy nor liberty and ultimately no security.

That the US Constitution protects one’s privacy rights is obvious [to the well educated].

Recall the ‘right to pursue happiness’ was substituted for the ‘right to own property’.  We are worse for the trade.  Secure in our property we can pursue happiness.  Property tax as with both permits an licenses is SOFT FASCISM. The evil that is liberalism must be sought everywhere and destroyed:

lest it [continue to] destroy us from within as it has everywhere else it is wrongly-tolerated.  Tolerance of evil is itself evil.

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